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WorkMate AI-enabled coworker

Introducing WorkMate, your AI-enabled coworker powered by GPT! Seamlessly integrate with Google Docs™ and Google Sheets™ to supercharge your productivity on Workspace™ with AI features.

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Works on Google Workspace™

One add on that works on Google Docs™ and Google Sheets™ with a clean and intuitive design.

Content Creation

Creators can easily create and customize content for their social media profiles, generate blog posts, and write professional-looking emails.

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Marketers can easily translate their content into multiple languages, write product descriptions, rephrase sentences to make them more engaging, and adjust the tone of their writing to fit their target audience.

Machine Learning

Using the latest in AI and NLP technology, our product can quickly extract entities, classify them, tag them, and classify sentiments, all while summarizing data automatically.

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